September’s inaugural bake club: meet the hinnies…

So, on Sunday September 9th, a small but perfectly formed group of very clever singing hinnies descended upon Pink Lane Coffee in Newcastle for an afternoon of excessive nomming, chatting and laughing.

It being our very first get together, I won’t lie, I was nervous that come 2.30pm I’d be sat with my bacon scones and banana cupcakes feeling more than a little sorry for myself and dying to drown my sorrows in something stronger than coffee.

Mercifully, that wasn’t to be the case, as over a dozen hinnies turned up bearing gifts over the next half hour.  The table was creaking and groaning under the weight of all the goodies, many of us having brought more than one thing to try. It’s amazing how self-depreciating we all are – “it didn’t quite go as I wanted” – when everything tasted so delicious!

We had big cakes, little cakes, flans, tarts, muffins, brownies, blondies, scones and even a roulade gracing our plates on that fine day.


Being as we weren’t a huge group, once everyone had filled their tummies a little we were able to chat as a group. Mainly the pro bakers entertained us with cake talk, we of course talked about #GBBO and the crushes that several of us have on the one, the only, Paul Hollywood – surely a future honorary fat rascal in the making, I might add – and had a lovely afternoon.

All too soon it was over, time for us to pack up and leave.  We all filled our respective tins and boxes with leftovers, and headed for the hills after a swift clean up.  It was a lovely afternoon, I’ve met some fantabulous ladies (ahem – men – get your acts together!) and am looking forward to the next one very much!


Frequently wondered musings… (or FAQs for short)

I realise that bake clubs aren’t always the easiest concept to understand, so here’s answers to some of the questions I’ve been asked the most so far in this journey. I’ll update this as more come through, too. Cos I’m good like that. Don’t say I never give you anything!! ;o)

  • What in the blue blazes is a bake club?  Easy. We’re a small but perfectly formed group of likeminded folks who share a passion for putting stuff – usually involving flour – into an oven and seeing what emerges.  Every so often, we all do this at the same time (“baking”) and soon afterwards, we all get together and eat each other’s goodies.  At the same time, we share recipes and baking tips, and generally get to know each other.  We eat good food, we make good friends, and then we merrily go home again.  Simples!
  • I love baking but I’m not very good….  You’re better than you think, I’m willing to bet.  There is no judging of baked goods whatsoever, and I’m not afraid to kick out anyone who thinks differently!  None of us are perfect, the important thing is that you enjoy the experience.
  • I hate baking.  Then I’m not sure you’re in the right place.  Why are you here, anyway?  Weirdo…
  • I can’t commit to coming regularly, should I bother at all?  YES!  Tickets will be promoted for each event and though there will be some familiar faces (mine in particular otherwise I don’t know why you’d all be together!) there will also be lots of new ones.
  • What are your rules?  We’re a bunch of renegade mavericks and we don’t care much for rules.  So as long as you made it yourself and it’s edible, we’re entirely satisfied.
  • I’m veggie/vegan/gluten free, can I join in?  Absoflippinlutely. However, we can’t guarantee what the other bakers will make. We will ask you about special dietary needs when you sign up and we’ll inform all bakers before the event. Foods will be labelled so you know what you can have.
  • How big/how much should I bring?  We ask people to bring a min of 8 portions/slices or enough to feed that many.  There’s always TONS of food, so we’d really encourage you not to worry too much about this.
  • I won’t know anyone…?  In baking there are no strangers. Just friends who’s food you haven’t tried yet.
  • What’s the theme?  It’ll be on the eventbrite page.
  • I can’t think of anything for that theme… Neither can lots of us!  No problem – the theme is voluntary.  Have fun with it. Use this as a time to try something new, test a recipe, see how to portion a dish… whatever you like.
  • How much does it cost?  Nowt. Wherever we go, we always make sure we spend money with the host, usually buying refreshments etc.  But there’s no charge for Singing Hinnies at all. See, told you I was lovely…