Look at us, all posh and whatnot.

Well.  You guys never cease to astound me. It seems our collective enthusiasm for all things that come from an oven is as bright and shiny as ever! And in just fourteen short hours, I’ve come to believe we may be able to make something of a go of this.

So, using every ounce of technical capability available to me (that’ll be one ounce, then…) I’ve created a little mailing list, so you can sign up there and I can tell you when we make progress.  Just click here to access it.  And don’t forget to comment on our last post and follow us on Twitter

Sorry if that all sounds bossy.  It’s not really in my nature.  Honest.

Now, first club… cafe or pub? 😉


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Cake, the bakiverse, and everything

Baking tools

Hello fellow baker!  Well, I’m glad you’re here, but that aside you’re probably wondering what all this is about.  At this moment in time, so am I.  So let me explain.

Singing Hinnies and Fat Rascals – that’s not a sweeping generalisation, nor (I promise) should you be offended and planning to hurt me.  You might be familiar with cake clubs, they’ve become really popular of late, but this, this my friend is different.

This… is a baking club.

A subtle difference, yes?  Actually, it’s quite a chunky difference.  Because the rules are, there are no rules.

I’ve been baking for years, seriously for around three now, and always fancied joining a club but geez, rules ahoy! None of this, must be that, follow the theme, no judging, one guest, yadda yadda.

That’s great for some folk but not for me, as soon as I see ‘Don’t bring X‘ I can think of NOTHING other than bringing X. A pie.  A flan.  A danish pastry.  Mmm, pastry…

Fat rascalsAfter some debate, singing hinnies & fat rascals was born as a rule-free bake club.  The plan currently is to do some research with you guys ahead of our first party in September, somewhere in the North East of England. This is where I need YOUR help – without you it’s just me eating my own baked goods in public!

So, do you like the idea? The name? What kind of venues? Do you like to compete? Should we try to get bake-y speakers? Mix sweet and savoury? Have themes? Go mad, tell me everything and let your imagination go mad.

Leave me a comment, tweet me @gasmarkfour or mail me at gasmarkfour(at)mail(dot)com.

Suzy 🙂